“I came in for pain killers and I am leaving with hope”

— Patient visiting GP referred to WE

Case Studies


Patient being treated for depression, 19 years old living in a shared house with limited family support. Looking for support to find employment.

  • Supported patient to apply for X card to enable her to start exercising again
  • Identified patient would like to become a Care Support Worker – Supported patient to apply to become a volunteer at a Day Centre to gain relevant experience in Care Sector

Connector will follow up and support to apply to join PLUSS Training Options programme when patient is ready to take next steps to finding employment.


Son died 5 years ago, has become socially isolated requiring support to help engage. Also problems with personal hygiene and cleanliness with house.

  • Referred to Time For Life Service for enabler to support her to achieve goals to enable to start going out and to get her house in order
  • Referred to Healthy Walks – a gentle walk activity to reduce isolation and improve well-being
  • Provided support to complete Personal Independence Payment to maximise income which is successful will enable her to engage home help service to address cleanliness issues in home environment
  • After 5 years has agreed to meet volunteer bereavement counsellor

Be Active

69 year old male, referred by GP to benefit from engaging with more activities.  His wife is a pastry chef and brings leftovers home and he has gained a lot of weight lately. Together his motivators identified and were his poor sleep and the amount of pain he is in due to arthritis in his neck and back. He felt he needed support to get back into swimming again.

  • The Connector introduced him to a weekly swimming group.
  • His wife is helping by bringing less pastries home and he has made other changes to his diet to make it healthier.
  • He has found the focus on what he wants to achieve, and how to break things down into achievable steps, a helpful approach with the Connector.

Keep Learning

Patient has a Learning Disability and is struggling to find employment and social activities.

  • Supported to attend Exeter City Football club football training activities for people with disabilities on a Sunday afternoon
  • Supported to obtain volunteer groundsman role at Exeter City Football Club on a Wednesday
  • Supported to apply for volunteering van drivers mate role with PDSA – application being processed
  • Supported to obtain place for employment training course at St Loyes
  • Patient is completing photo journal for Wellbeing Exeter evaluation

Patient states ‘’His life is brilliant at the moment’’

Take Notice

Lady referred due to stress as a Carer for her son who has autism.

She was supported by listening to her present situation and encouraging her to book herself a regular massage. Provided husband with requested information about playing Bridge and attending Men in sheds- he has brought some tools down to the shed and liked the set up – he intends to attend now and then.

She feels happy that someone is keeping in touch and looking out for her re: encouraging her to look after herself re massage and fighting her corner re window replacement.

Since more respite has been recently put in place she is able to see a bit more of her friends on some weekends which boosts her general wellbeing.