“Patients circumstances are really improving, the Connectors are having a great impact”

— GP (Pinhoe Surgery)

Case Studies


Kim was being treated for depression, 19 years old living in a shared house with limited family support. Looking for support to find employment.

  • Supported Kim apply for X card to enable her to start exercising again.
  • Identified Kim would like to become a Care Support Worker – Supported patient to apply to become a volunteer at a Day Centre to gain relevant experience in Care Sector.
  • Connector will follow up and support to apply to join PLUSS Training Options programme when Kim is ready to take next steps to finding employment.


Susan’s son died 5 years ago, since then she has become socially isolated requiring support to help engage. Also problems with her own personal hygiene and the cleanliness of her house.

  • Linked Susan with an enabler to support her to achieve goals to enable to start going out and to get her house in order.
  • Introduced Susan to ‘Healthy Walks’ – a gentle walk activity to reduce isolation and improve well-being.
  • Provided support to Susan to complete Personal Independence Payment to maximise income which if successful will enable her to engage home help service to address cleanliness issues in home environment.
  • For the first time after the death of her son, Susan agreed to meet volunteer bereavement counsellor.

Be Active

Mark is in his 30’s dealing with virtually complete sight loss over a few months, prior to this he was independent and working full time. He had been referred to the Mental Health Team but his GP felt social interaction and a sense of purpose would benefit him more.

  • Connector picked up on his ambition to be able to run, like he used to enjoy.
  • Straight away he was linked to South West Athletics Academy who have trained guide runners and that evening they attended a fully-inclusive group session together, the Connector met him from his taxi – ensuring he felt safe and had encouragement. Mark’s quote: “this is the best thing I have done all year!” (June 2018). He booked onto the next session straight away.

Keep Learning

Bryan has a Learning Disability and was struggling to find employment and social activities.

  • The connector introduced Bryan to Exeter City Football Club football training activities for people with disabilities on a Sunday afternoon.
  • Supported him to become a volunteer groundsman at Exeter City Football Club.
  • Supported him to get a place with St Loyes on their Employment Training Course

Bryan’s quote ‘’My life is brilliant at the moment’’

Take Notice

Jim cares for son, and has a history of health problems including arthritis, depression, anxiety and panic attacks. He is reliant on cannabis and is managing debt issues.

He set his own goals – to join a social group, find employment and get help with his debt.

  • Introduced to CAB to arrange Debt Relief Order
  • Introduced to a local ‘Walking Football for Fitness’ group (he is enjoying the physical and social outcomes)
  • Started to keep a feelings book to log appreciations and manage his constant thoughts
  • Introduced to the local substance misuse charity and is attending meetings

Participant quote: “I can now see a future…I see myself employed”.