“It’s restored my faith in humanity knowing that there’s support out there for vulnerable people like me and I’m going to do some volunteering to show my appreciation.”

— – Lady supported suffering with severe anxiety, bereavement, and social isolation.
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Exeter’s exciting new approach to help young people improve their wellbeing is now here.  

Posted: 3 July 2020

Wellbeing Exeter is pleased to be launching its new young people offer this week. Young people aged 11 to 18, who live in Exeter, can now receive a different type of prescription from their GP to help them improve their wellbeing. Exeter GP’s can now prescribe young people with some specialist time with a Community Connector. The Connector will explore what is important to the young person, their goals and challenges; helping them access clubs, groups, opportunities and interests that can help them make positive changes to improve their wellbeing. The programme is designed as a non-medical approach to help young people overcome challenges such as loneliness and anxiety and become more active and connected in ways that work for them. Connectors will be hosted by Devon based charities Young Devon and Space*.


This type of support, called social prescribing, has been available for the last three years for adults and, due to its success, it is now being rolled out for young people. Wellbeing Exeter is behind the coordination of the adult programme, as well as the new young people’s offer and will be supporting the charity partners to ensure its success.


“As GP’s we don’t know about all the opportunities out there for young people so are so pleased to have this offer for our young patients” Local Exeter GP


Both Space and Young Devon have a long history of supporting young people in Devon; providing specialist programmes to thousands of young people each year. Both organisations understand the life changing benefits that are inherent in accessing groups, clubs and activities. As a partnership the team are keen to ensure as many young people have access to this new support programme as possible and are involved in its design and delivery.


“My life is brilliant at the moment”    “It was the first step out of darkness”   “I see a future now, I see myself employed”  Some quotes from local residents Wellbeing Exeter has worked with.


The Community Connector programme is seen as a provision that will complement other programmes and approaches across Exeter; helping young people grow in confidence and become more confident and skilled to find their own way in future.


For more infomation about our young people offer: CLICK HERE


If you are interested to know more please contact Jamie Keyse at Young Devon (Exeter YES) on 01392 331666.