“Wellbeing Exeter is so beneficial, often the patients that keep returning to their GP just need social interaction”

— Dr Wong (Westbank Surgery)

What does Community Connecting look like?

Community Connectors work with individuals to enable them to improve and promote their own health and wellbeing.

Connectors work in a way that:

  • Looks at What’s Strong – Not What’s Wrong
  • Is Holistic
  • Is Led by You
  • Draws out motivations and passions, helping you to Realise Your Gifts

The kinds of things you might be connected to might include:

  • Knitting groups
  • Walk and Talk Groups
  • Debt management services
  • Men’s Shed Schemes
  • Volunteering opportunities

It might also involve less formal connections between people who share an interest, or between neighbours looking out for each other. To find out more CLICK HERE.

How to access a Community Connector:

To access a Community Connector – speak to someone at your Exeter GP Practice who can arrange a referral.

5 Ways to Wellbeing

Case Studies

Link up With Your Local Community:

Interested in meeting your Local Community Builder, or discover what is going on in your neighbourhood? Click here to view the Builders Contact Details