“Wellbeing Exeter is so beneficial, often the patients that keep returning to their GP just need social interaction”

— Dr Wong (Westbank Surgery)

What does Community Connecting look like?

Community Connectors work with individuals to enable them to improve and promote their own health and wellbeing.

Connectors work in a way that:

  • Looks at What’s Strong – Not What’s Wrong
  • Is Holistic
  • Is Led by You
  • Draws out motivations and passions, helping you to Realise Your Gifts

The kinds of things you might be connected to might include:

  • Knitting groups
  • Walk and Talk Groups
  • Debt management services
  • Men’s Shed Schemes
  • Volunteering opportunities

It might also involve less formal connections between people who share an interest, or between neighbours looking out for each other.

How to access a Community Connector:

To access a Community Connector – speak to someone at your Exeter GP Practice who can arrange a referral.

5 Ways to Wellbeing

Case Studies

Link up With Your Local Community:

Interested in meeting your Local Community Builder, or discover what is going on in your neighbourhood? Click here to view the Builders Contact Details