“My life is brilliant at the moment”

— Man with learning disabilities linked into volunteering, football club and employment training course
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Pleased to Introduce you…CPAOs

Posted: 25 February 2020

We are pleased to introduce you to the newest members of the Wellbeing Exeter growing Team…Ed & Andy.

Ed & Andy are Community Physical Activity Organisters, hosted by the Exeter City Community Trust. Their role is to work with individuals and groups, targetting the least active people in the city, exploring ways to enable them to move more.

They will be:

  • Working alongside INDIVIDUALS to
    • Understand where they are on their physical activity journey and, when invited to;
    • Connect them to groups, activities, opportunities, information…or
    • Co/creating new opportunities with them, their friends, their neighbours…
  • Working alongside existing VOLUNTEERS to
    • To understand the volunteer experience and, when invited,
    • To help them & the groups they volunteer to create a culture that supports & rewards those giving their time
  • Working alongside EXISTING GROUPS to
    • Understand if they are willing or able to accept new members with a history of inactivity and, when invited
    • Help those groups access training, funding or volunteers to develop a culture that welcomes & supports people taking their first steps into physical activity.
  • Working with PARTNERS – there’s a lot – so Andy and Ed are going to need help!

You can contact them directly.