“Wellbeing Exeter is so beneficial, often the patients that keep returning to their GP just need social interaction”

— Dr Wong (Westbank Surgery)

Ready to Connect?

Covering Exeter, we work with the 16 NHS GP Practices (Community Connecting) alongside hosting a Community Builder in each Exeter Neighbourhood ward (Community Building).

Exeter based residents can access the following:

Community Connecting:

WHAT: Working with you via your GP to enable you to improve and promote your own health and wellbeing.

You’ll be linked to a Community Connector who will work in a way that:

  • Looks at what’s strong in your life – Not What’s Wrong
  • Is Holistic (covering social, physical, emotional, practical aspects)
  • Is Led By You
  • Draws out your motivations and passions, helping you to Realise Your Gifts

The team have knowledge of a vast range of local opportunities, which they will explore with you, connecting you to ones that are right for you.

Want to know more? CLICK HERE                     Click Here for CASE STUDIES

HOW TO ACCESS: Speak to a Health Professional at your Exeter GP Practice to be linked in.

Community Building:

WHAT: Each Exeter neighbourhood host’s a Community Builder (MEET THE TEAM), whose role is to:

  • Listen to Residents – Uncovering What People Feel Strongly About,
  • Connect People to Ideas,
  • Help the Community Develop What is Important to Them

You may have already met your local Community Builder, but if not, you can make contact and get involved in helping shape your community.

-Want to know more about their role? CLICK HERE

-Map of neighbourhoods: CLICK HERE                


HOW TO ACCESS: Find your local Community Builder Information & discover what’s going on in your neighbourhood here: COMMUNITY BUILDERS INFO

In The Meantime…

Here is some information that we hope will be useful in assisting you to start your journey to connect (Click on Headings):

  • Community Café’s: Check out what’s happening in your local area
  • Welfare Advice: Find out what support is out there to help with benefits, debt and welfare advice
  • 5 Ways to Wellbeing: The 5 areas of action that can contribute to better mental wellbeing. (Click on the Flags for detail). To download booklet: CLICK HERE
  • What’s on in Your Area: Check out the Community Builders Facebook Pages so see what’s going on near you. (Select the Facebook link)
  • Reduce Your Energy Bills: For FREE help and support to keep your home warm in winter or to reduce your energy bills get in touch with Exeter Community Energy or call 0800 772 3617