“My life is brilliant at the moment”

— Man with learning disabilities linked into volunteering, football club and employment training course
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Wellbeing Exeter’s New Family Offer

Posted: 30 September 2020

Wellbeing Exeter’s new offer to support families to improve their wellbeing is now here.  

Wellbeing Exeter is pleased to be launching its new family offer this week. Families who live in Exeter can now receive a different type of prescription from their GP with an introduction to a Family Community Connector. The Connector will spend time with the family, exploring what is important to them and what their goals and challenges are.  They will work alongside the family, supporting them to make positive changes to improve their wellbeing and connecting them with what matters to them, including groups, services, support networks and interests. The programme is designed as a non-medical approach to help families become more active and connected in ways that work for them, overcoming challenges such as isolation and parenting struggles. The Family Connectors will be hosted by charity Exeter Community Initiatives’ (ECI) family project Devon Family Resource.

This type of support, called social prescribing, has been available through Wellbeing Exeter for the last four years for adults and, more recently for young people.  Due to its success, it is now being rolled out for whole families. Wellbeing Exeter is behind the coordination of the programme, as well as the new family offer and will be supporting the charity partner to ensure its success.

Devon Family Resource has a long history of supporting children and families in Devon; providing family support work, play therapy, parenting conflict support and specialist trauma therapy to hundreds of parents and young people each year. As part of Wellbeing Exeter, ECI already manages a team of Community Builders across the Exeter area and understands well the life changing benefits that are inherent in individuals and communities being better connected. As a partnership the team are keen to ensure as many families as possible have access to this new support programme and are involved in its design and delivery.

“With the Connector support I have come leaps & bounds back to my usual self”

“The Connector allowed me to dream a little about what I could do…. I then asked myself ‘why not?”

Some quotes from local residents Wellbeing Exeter has worked with.

The Community Connector programme will aim to complement and link in with other programmes and approaches across Exeter; helping families grow in confidence and become more skilled in finding their own way in future.

If you are interested to know more please contact Sanchia Hylton-Smith at Devon Family Resource on 07966 993198.